the TEETH of the HEART

by no more train ghosts



released August 1, 2017



all rights reserved


no more train ghosts Bend, Oregon

2 dudes play rock

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Track Name: Hey Rube
Hey Rube:
born rich
die fat
the New Deal
the New Dumb
you have dollars
you have bombs
a mile wide
an inch thick:
Uptown Problems
they are Legion
mending fences
Track Name: He's from Portland
i'd like to see the dog menu
cant fight the man in these shoes
only wants what he doesn't got: organic tattoos
he's from Portland
i made thse pants out of pallets
i got more money than friends
poop in a salad
more insecure than Fred Armisen

Make no Mistake... He's from Portland
Track Name: Shithorse
aren't we all like Hehaw Rossy: wife in hand, hyootin' sand... raising bones by the circle K in the heat of the day, in the dead of the day... and the Teeth of the Heart..

So you think it would be better without you? Without you here?

aren't we all just a little bit like Jimmy Dick Rossy, the Wild Ditch Dog: scared shitless, born and directionless, gone all goo in the heart of the chest? Weeping at soft rain.. helpless for the helpless...

So you think it would be better without you? Without you here? Without you near? No, it wouldn't. Get on your shit horse, get on that shit horse and ride.
Track Name: TriMet
where will you go?
where will you go from
pictures and sounds
a sacred screed on the mount standard,
no bullshit hero's lore
no fount of glory
no new morning

where will you go?
where will you go?
to a slow churning:
birthing, murder and unlearning.

we're not the dreams of our children,
Thank God for the revealing of.
Track Name: devil's market pome
the music was written after being inspired by a poem a friend sent...

this is the original piece, by chris page:

In the shade of the devil’s market
I wandered on under tents,
onto carpets
spread out with ancient television sets,
UHF dials askew
wires tentacled and knotted to
dual tape decks, laser disc karaoke
video phones

in cloudy tupperwear bins
I sifted through stone and wood idols
household gods, mostly plastic

and before I realized it, I had Taken him
grinning Molech, smeared with blood
fully poseable
and stuffed him into my coat pocket

in a moment satan was upon me
hissing between cracked lips
breath seething with the stench of
pork rinds, circus peanuts
and all the damned

with a flick of his wrist the blade was
out, a thirsty ten dollar thing,
and into my ribs

I stumbled out
bleeding and coughing
into the sun
knocking over strollers and Saducees
haggling apostates

I groped for sandled feet
I licked old gum and bleak oil stains
and by the churro stand I found him
wild eyed Jesus,
who is called Christ,
smashing antique coin cases
driving out money changers

He turned toward me and touched my wound
blushingly taking a bic pen
from my coat pocket
(where the figure had been)
and stabbed himself in the neck
slumping down, gasping for air

dripping into the hole
in my side
and onto a framed photo of Magic Johnson
for sale on the ground beside us


the word for word lyrics are the best i could stuff into music.. you can figure it out
Track Name: fuck
stacking them stones, all of this pressure i pile on my own self like im hungry for death: a monument to a life i could have tomorrow if i did what i want and say what i want like: fuck the police, fuck what you know, fuck you very much and fuck me too.cuz i can rip lines like that when i am free and i don't give a hoot but i aint... see i got this monkey on my back and you can call it nasty words like society and responsibility and what not, but it aint...i got it worse than that.
i call it love cochise and it doesn't make you free. it just sits in your chest like a bullet only you cant get it out and youre carrying it everywhere you go blood on the bed, blood in yer home and blood in the mirror in your nose and yer hands are covered with it and its everything you see because--- no one else is bleeding. and why the fuck isn't anyone else bleeding??? why the fuck isn't anyone else bleeding??
Track Name: Yer the one
you did this- yer the one who gave me hope and kept my chin afloat. don't look to far around you babe cuz it's all shit and you're not it
Track Name: drinker drinker
drinker drinker, deep thinker where you at tonight?? blacked out fucked up livin it up hiding in plain sight? where you at, where you been? that brown bag romance got you bleeding from the eyes again

faces come and faces go, friend to all that no one knows. drinker, drinker he ain't in no scene.. cuz hes here with me. you drink the sauce and it drinks you and let's do it all again.

drinker drinker where you been?? back from the dead again.. he's out for blood, he's down and out. show em what drunk is all about.
Track Name: O my Dearest
no you ai'nt staying here son
and you ain't goin nowhere
come sit by my satan and
watch em set you down

yer not the kind to let them
roll you like a cigarette
come sit here by satan and
fuck em, forget it

O my dearest
O my dearest little boy
why do you keep yourself
cryin so?

My fingers up your back to keep your soul
my breath is in your mouth to keep you whole
my face in your mirror to keep control
and the fear of dying worthless keeps you coming back for more

O my dearest little one,
my favorite son.
Track Name: Black Clouds
'preacher, o preacher what can you do to take me away from this place?? anywhere but here. anywhere but where the deer and the antelope play.' All hail the black clouds from the south making its way to your house. the wild horses wouldn't take me away. I'll stay.
'preacher, o preacher i got it worse than the others.. no virgin blood on my door. My babies are sleeping.. they're sleeping so silent.. o preacher wont you take them away??'