no more train ghosts

by no more train ghosts

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Recorded in my basement- PDX, OR- 2010


released August 2, 2011

Tim Lowe, Eric Roser



all rights reserved


no more train ghosts Bend, Oregon

2 dudes play rock

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Track Name: Holy Ones
we are the Holy Ones.
it may take 100 years to grow an inch,
but imna grow.
Track Name: Twain
you reigned your terror on me
and the flies in my eyes,
pieces of night-
cold as hooves
loud as copper pennies..

Eternity: lost in the hearts of Men

I communed with my own heart,
but, Lo, i am fallen.

"Behold," he said, "I am the Watery Dawn
& the teeth of the wind,
someone to call your own,
someone to invite you in,
the Creator of Brighter Days,
the Bright and Morning Star,
Your Hiding Place, i am:
I Am."
Track Name: Johnny Portland
say goodbye to the alabaster skies
welcome in, they'd say, to your future.
you built yer home on rock and stone
no more cars, we all float here in portland.

so sing city boy, make it pretty -not too pretty-
lest yer friends give up on you and trade you in.
we know yer a star, you've got pain blahblahblah

La dee da...

this year we all resolved to be honest and opinionated
so kiss my fucking ass i dont care.
we'll move on at once, this time for sure
remember you said why should i be the one to change

La dee da....

portland city. animal farm.
your dead. your dead inside.
your dead. your dead inside.
your dead your dead inside your gone.
Track Name: Chew the Wood
there's a holy mount zion on yer back worse than a flood,
it's hard to tell you from a road map
sit with me and chew the wood...

and that lizard in yer pocket bites finger tips and licks the blood,
he's getting so much bigger now
come sit with me and chew the wood..

he makes me drink a bitter cup of sorrows
he makes me walk in darkness, roll in mud
he makes me lie down with those long dead
come out, come sit with me, come chew the wood..
Track Name: Another Fuckin Song About Jesus
it's no wonder jesus says Come To Me
and all the little children sing
when all the men are crying in their beds
& all the women sleep without dreams...

there's a fight I feel i'm loosing
over something I was given
between you and I,
I can't define

& when I look into your eyes
for some reason
I hate you
I don't know why
Track Name: Divorce
...nation wide, nation wide..
you've got it, you've finally got yer bleb, you dont have to suffer anything... except money, but there's nothin i'm selling that you would want to buy..
so buy yerself a... & buy yerself a...
& you'll find out when you reach the top
divorce yer fucking self.
Track Name: Cadence
Oh baby, i've got you, i'll never let you go
Oh baby, i'll hold you, i'll never let you down
Oh sleep baby sleep honey have no fear of the dark honey sleep baby, I am here.
I'll always be close & i'll answer your call,
oh sleep babe don't cry honey, show me that smile.
oh baby, i'm starting to get it, i'm sorry i'm slow.
I'm sorry, i just didn't know..
i'll still be your daddy if you'll be my girl.

you take me to your banqueting table,
your banner over me is love.
you take me to your banqueting table,
your banner over me is lovelovelovelovelovelove
Track Name: Please Don't Stab Me
Please dont stab me
I've got a family
Please dont hunt me
I've got no where left to run

Please dont stab me
I've got a family
Please dont hunt me
Please dont fuck me up

how can you lift up my hand?
the hoof of a pig
the masturbating hand
the fist through the door
how can you lift up my hand?
the hoof of a pig
before the world
and put a ring on my finger